Thursday, May 18, 2017

Thing 23: Infographics & Data Visualization

Infographics are something that are way out of my comfort zone and it was a great experience for me to try and create something. I will admit I spent way to long on this topic and it was a lot of trial and error but it was a fun process. People use infographics for many different things and before this lesson I had never created one and did not have much experience with them. I knew what they were and what they could be used for but never thought to make one for myself or for my library.

I signed up for a few websites that would assist me in creating an infographic but ended up using Easelly. Easelly seemed to be the most user friendly and there were templates already in place that I could use. It was pretty easy to use but there was some trial and error and it took me a little bit of time to get used to using it. I wanted to watch some tutorials that were available to me but my district blocked most of them so that made it difficult for me. I had to watch at home and then finish some of it at my house and the rest I worked on at my prep. I chose to keep it simple and since we had just finished a district wide book competition called Genre Madness where books compete against one another for an ultimate winner I created and infogrpahic which had the final two books going up against one another. To be honest creating this infographic was not one of my favorite assignments and I am not sure how often I would use one of these in my library. Every once in a while would be okay but I am not sure I will be creating these all the time. 

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  1. Pleased that you gave it a good try, even if it wasn't the best experience for you. I find it hard to make infographics too. I'm not very graphically skilled and I'm not patient! :)